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See It Through

Postby » Wed Dec 16, 2020 5:09 pm

I hope this posting finds you all well.

I figured I’d share the first song I wrote this year… back in January when life was much simpler, eh?!?….now with AT5 being released, probably bad timing but maybe you’ll get around to listening.

This song is more serious than most I do, takes on hopelessness and how those closest may not register it and, for those in the thick of it, just trying to get out some positive messaging and be uplifting.

Since the pandemic, hope may feel in shorter supply and, with holidays approaching in some fashion, it may be a particularly bleak time…so I thought now might be a good time to share this one.

Anyhow, pretty happy with the composition, arrangement and scoring….vox could be done much better by someone else - envision male/female duo possibly.

I haven’t gone back to spruce this mix up at all so you're getting it as it was back then.

IK stuff:
TR5 - Tape 80; White 2A; Sunset Studio Rev; One
MODO Drum - Jazzy kit
AT4 - all were versions of a dual Red Pig/Orange Rockerverb 50 setup
Philharmonik - Grand Piano; trumpets; trombones; viola; violin; bass; flute
ST4 - suspended cymbals; big hits

Have a listen when you can….and then back to the woodshed with AT5!

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