When We Are Oil

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When We Are Oil

Postby mklankin@hotmail.com » Thu Oct 01, 2020 5:11 pm

Hi all!

This song idea was originally recorded in Jan/18 but I thought I’d pull it out and brush it up with some of the newer IK stuff and a remix.

Impetus for the track stemmed from a pretty cool bass line (“skip and drag”) I came up with that fit an 11/4 frame and then became the backbone. Song is prog rock I suppose.

I updated one of the 3 synth sounds from ST3 to something from Syntronik and adjusted the driving guitar using pedals from Brian May and Satch collections (trying to approximate a sound a la Alex Lifeson).

IK breakdown:
Bass - Ampeg SVX-VR with “the fridge” cabinet
Guitars - clean = Soldano with a Uni-V stomp ; driven = Soldano with Tube Overdrive (Satch) and Treble Booster (Brian May) stomps
Synths - variety of ST3 sounds and Syntronik (SAM and Pro-V)
Sunset Studio = room and plate rev
TRackS Stealth Limiter as part of stereo output.

Thanks for listening! Feedback welcomed…

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