Stepping Out - instrumental, a remake after 30+ years.

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Stepping Out - instrumental, a remake after 30+ years.

Postby » Thu Aug 13, 2020 8:14 pm

Hi all,

Here is an instrumental that has its origins almost 35 yrs ago when it was the first song I recorded when I owned a 4-track. Just guitars, bass and a drum m/c back then and a lot shorter than this offering.

This track is longer than the original as I added a 5/4 middle section (where I put a guitar track through a modular synth) and much more instrumentation/textures. I suppose I’d describe it as a Latin waltz but certainly has some rock and jazzy elements too.

Having better gear nowadays was a great excuse to re-envision this song & use every guitar I owned at the time in 2017:
3 acoustics (classical, 6-str steel and 12-str) and 5 electrics + bass (I apologize for few instances where you can here buzz from it).

IK gear used:
AT4 = various amps (Jet City, ENGL, Orange, Mesa Boogie, Slash Marshall)
ST3 = horns, various sound fx & I think I used some splashes from the Neil Peart kit
TRackS = Opto-compressor, room & plate revs, One

Anyhow, if you’re up for a 7-minute journey, I hope you find it was worth taking.

Peace out, feedback appreciated and hope you are all doing well…
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