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Postby JesterMgee0 » Tue Jan 03, 2023 1:52 am

I understand it is the holiday season but none of the auto replies have stated there are extended holidays or anything and I have a ticket open for 2 weeks without a response concerning a bug I have gone to the lengths to document on video and even extracting code to cement the issue and make it easier for a response.

I would really appreciate someone to have a look at the ticket and at least get back to me as this is a new product purchase and after all the dramas I have had with download manager not working, USB product drive being corrupt it has my faith very very low at the moment and for the 3rd time wanting to just chuck this product line in and move on.

Ticket [#1656013]

In would like someone to first confirm the issue which is a pretty quick and easy test to do and then advise if this will be addressed and a possible timeframe since the bug will affect my ability to use the product the way I would like.

thanks I hope
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