T-RackS 5 v2 - Some Questions...

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T-RackS 5 v2 - Some Questions...

Postby TheGasMan » Fri May 19, 2023 11:39 pm

I've been using T-RackS for the last ten years and recently upgraded from V4 CS to 5 V2. I have a couple of workflow questions on the new version which have me stumped:

1. The new project seems to create a standalone folder and copies the input audio files. Is there any way to not do this - i.e. revert back to the single project file as in v4?

2. When exporting a single file the file selector shows strange results: the filename will be the name of the track repeated (e.g. "song1.song1") and the Save as type has only *.* meaning that when I export the file will be called song1.song1.wav. I can't see any way to export the file as "song1.wav". If I remove the filename and put say "x" it will save as "x.song1.wav". What is going on?

3. On re-opening a project the global preset for any track shows as "Default" rather than the setting I assigned it to on saving previously. The track IS using the correct preset - it just doesn't show in the selection panel.

Any thoughts?
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