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T-Racks Tape Echo and Reverbs Inactive

Postby mattus1982 » Mon Jan 09, 2023 10:15 pm

(Sorry if this is a question already asked, but I couldn't find it in any searches)

I have recently upgraded from an Intel iMac (2018) to an Apple Mac Mini M1 and I use ProTools Studio (latest version).

Since upgrading I am going into sessions on PT that worked fine with Tape Echo and CSH Hall / Plate Reverb Plugins and they are not loading. I am getting an alert on loading the session saying that the plugins couldn't be found.

However, I can add the new TR5 plugins and they work fine but the prior versions don't seem to be active or recognised. This is a big problem because the productions and mixes I was working on had a lot of T-RackS plugins with specific settings that I would have to redo on all the mixes. I had a similar problem with Kontakt (NI) but it was resolved by installing the legacy players for the plugins.

So I assume it is a legacy version issue, but can't see how to resolve anywhere online or via the IK Product Manager.

Any advice or a way to make the plugins work? Any help would be much appreciated.
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