SampleTank vs T-RackS vs Syntronik

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SampleTank vs T-RackS vs Syntronik

Postby Anatal250 » Tue Jun 21, 2022 5:08 am

I wanted to dip my toes into music production and I wanted an audio interface as well so I bought an iRig Keys I/O and it comes with the following software:

SampleTank (4 SE /4 CS / 3/ Custom Shop)

T-RackS (CS Deluxe / 5 Custom shop)

Syntronik Pro-V

Amplitube Custom Shop

As someone who barely even knows how to function with ableton live lite I’m very overwhelmed and some insight would be much appreciated
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Re: SampleTank vs T-RackS vs Syntronik

Postby mrebo » Wed Jun 22, 2022 12:46 am

SampleTank is the sample-based keyboard instrument, T-Racks is the suite of mixing and mastering processors, Syntronik is the synthesizer emulator (Pro-V is just one of 33 synths), and Amplitube is the guitar amp modeler.

I'll explain "Custom Shop", which can be a bit difficult to grasp. It's both an application and a business model - the "CS" versions of the varying products (Amplitube, T-Racks, etc) are free and contain very little content. They come with just a few amp models, processors, drum kits, sample sets and so forth, depending on the product, the idea being that you can purchase additional content later a la carte.

The Custom Shop application is what you can use to see what content you have for the varying plugins and what is still available to you, and you can make your a la carte purchases from within that application, either directly or with "credits."

The SE versions of the different plugs have more content than the CS versions, but not quite as much as the regular versions. The MAX versions have ALL of the content for that product.
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