T-Racks 5 plugins crashing Logic Pro X

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T-Racks 5 plugins crashing Logic Pro X

Postby sal.sharif » Wed Dec 29, 2021 12:29 am

Dear IK / forum members

I have T-RackS 5 as part of the Studio Max 2 bundle and I have started using it to master my tracks in Logic Pro X (10.4.8) on Mac OS X (10.14.6 Mojave) on my iMac 27" 2015. Unfortunately if I have even one TR5 plugin enabled in my Logic project, Logic crashes every time I do one of these two things:

- When I quit Logic Pro X
- When I change the audio buffer size

Each time I get the message "Logic Pro X quit unexpectedly while using the TR5 <XXXX> plug-in."

This happens only when a TR5 plugin is ENABLED. For example I have 5 TR5 plugins in my mastering channel (Master EQ432, Saturator X, Quad-Image, Vintage Compressor, CSR Hall) and if I disable all 5 plugins (but not remove them from my master channel), the crash doesn't happen. But if I enable even one of these 5 plugins and I try to quit Logic or change the Logic buffer size, Logic crashes.

The TR5 plugins load fine, there is no problem changing and saving their settings, and also no problem when I save the Logic project with these plugins enabled. The issue occurs when I either change the buffer settings (something I need to do regularly during recording and playback) or when I quit Logic.

Also, the issue is not happening on other IK plugins such as MODOBass, AmpliTube etc., but only on TR5 so I am wondering if there is an issue with TR5 specific to Logic Pro X?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: T-Racks 5 plugins crashing Logic Pro X

Postby garfy » Wed Dec 29, 2021 10:17 am

Hello sal.sharif

This is not something I have experienced with my system (specs in sig), although I haven't tried your exact plugin order.

Does it happen if the plugins are on the track channels rather than the master?
Maybe you could remove those 5 plugins and then instantiate them one at a time to see if it is a single plugin or a combination?

Either way, as this is a user-to-user forum and not direct to IKM support, in case no one else chimes in here with advice or a solution the best thing to do is check the FAQs, via https://www.ikmultimedia.com/contact-su ... ck=QUICKSW

If these do not resolve the issue, there is a link to the Technical Support form at the top of the Search FAQs page, for direct help from Official IK Support. They endeavour to reply within 2 working days, but obviously considering the current situation things may take longer than usual.

And, to help others who run into a similar problem, please let us know what you did to resolve the issues, but without directly quoting any correspondence from official support.
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Re: T-Racks 5 plugins crashing Logic Pro X

Postby sal.sharif » Wed Dec 29, 2021 12:58 pm

Hi garfy

Thanks for the reply and the useful punters below. I will try the options suggested and contact IK support if need be, and if any of them resolve the issue I will reply here with the steps needed for resolution.
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