Special Offer - Hammond B-3X offer for PC/Mac but not iPadOS

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Special Offer - Hammond B-3X offer for PC/Mac but not iPadOS

Postby sleekitwan » Tue Jan 02, 2024 2:51 am

I have several of 1k Multimedia’s products and generally have a very high opinion of them. The Hammond B-3X as an Audio Unit, is the only version I could buy because I only create music using a couple of DAW applications using an iPad Pro M1 device.

I couldn’t get along with using my PC, and sold off any software related to that, for that reason, some years ago. Others on Mac computers and on better-configured PC machines manage fine, it’s just not for me and never will be, I believe.

A special discount for the New Year, has been offered on the Mac/PC versions of the Hammond B-3X but not on the Audio Unit version that the likes of my iPad Pro M1 could use, from the Apple App Store, so this is my prompt to ask for offer equality!

All the best for the New Year everyone. Good luck in 2024.
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