PV Black Diamond280 sour note on C#?

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PV Black Diamond280 sour note on C#?

Postby neutralomen » Mon Dec 25, 2023 5:11 am

I generally enjoy the new Pianoverse library. I'm especially bonding with the Black diamond 280, save for a fly in the soup. The C# right above middle C, does anyone else get this annoying "twang" sour note, almost a sitar-like effect? It's not present for ppp, but anything pp-mf is affected. then f and ff no longer have it. But playing "normally" at a medium dynamic, this C# stands out a lot. it's conspicuous enough to be annoying.

has anyone else experienced this?

IK, this might have been a flaw in the Bosendorfer you modeled, but I still think it's worth fixing.
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