Library locations and the installer

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Library locations and the installer

Postby jedsas » Sat Oct 14, 2023 6:04 pm

I am sure that I am not alone in needing to install my libraries to an external hard drive, so it is really disappointing that it is so hard to do so.

In the IK product manager, it should be possible to set a default location for where sample libraries are stored and not individually for all 100+ sound sets I own!

In the product manager, it should be possible to move the libraries. This would be easier for IK to get right.

It would also be great if the product manager would use the downloaded installers when I click re install and not to download the source again. Why is IK wasting 500G of my hard drive for files that it then refuses to re use?

In Sampletank, when it cannot find a library, there is a download arrow. When you click this, it opens the web page to the IK product manager. This is a totally useless link - of course I already have the product manager installed! The button could open the product manager or maybe more usefully, it could open the installer from the default installer folder and yes, please can the product manager have an option for the user to choose a custom folder for these - on an external drive for instance.

To make these changes would take very little time for a competent programmer to implement and would result in a professional looking installer.
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Re: Library locations and the installer

Postby IMAWriter » Wed Oct 18, 2023 8:41 pm

I feel your pain. I want my Pianoverse SOUNDS/Samples on my 1TB sample SSD. I can't get Cubase to reference them when I keep the Root folder on my main drive, and the Samples on my external SSD. Support said "Yes you just move the root pianovers folder from that Docs location. Once they are moved just tell PV the new location."

I assume they mean everything other than the Sounds folder residing in that "root" folder. Thing is, it's not installed in Docs. It's installed in Applications/Library/ Application Support/IK Multimedia.
I'm not sure how to indicate to the root folder WHERE the Sounds folder resides. The Project Manager is useless here. Even after clicking on the Browser wheel and changing the install location, it just gives me a "missing file" message

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Re: Library locations and the installer

Postby brunori0 » Fri Oct 20, 2023 9:44 am


I'm currently installing all the Total Studio, then trying to figure where the samples have gone, then trying to move them AND making Sampletron/Syntronik/Syntronik2/ModoDrums/SampleTank recognize them in the new locations.


It's taking a a life and a half.
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